Top Federal Tax Issues for 2023

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Provides a concise exploration of each year's new tax developments, focusing on the latest most important topics for tax practitioners.

The tax law is always changing and seemingly getting more complicated every year. Each year, a handful of tax issues typically requires special attention by tax practitioners. The reasons vary, from a particularly complicated new provision in the Internal Revenue Code, to a planning technique opened up by a new regulation or ruling, or the availablity of a significant tax benefit. This creates the need for the tax practitioner to constantly stay on top of the new rules and reassess tax strategies every year.

Wolters Kluwer's Top Federal Tax Issues Course is a concise exploration of each year's new tax developments. It focuses on the latest most important topics for tax practitioners. It examines selected new law provisions, new IRS rules and regulations, and important case developments that Wolters Kluwer Editors deem to be the most critical for the coming year. It also brings tax practitioners up to date on the significant tax developments not always mentioned in official IRS publications and forms instructions either because they are too new or too controversial.

Top Federal Tax Issues helps reassure the tax practitioner that he or she is not missing out on advising clients about a hot, new tax opportunity -- or is not susceptible to being caught unaware by a brewing controversy. It's the top quality tax review and analysis that every practitioner needs to keep a step ahead.

Practitioners may also earn CPE credit by successfully completing and submitting the Final Exam answer sheets for grading. The Course is divided into modules and an additional fee applies for each module's answer sheet that is submitted for CPE grading and administration. NOTE: Because continuing education requirements vary from state to state and among different licensing agencies, practitioners should always check with their licensing boards and governing agencies for specific information on their CPE requirements and to verify the applicability of this Course for meeting their requirements.

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ISBN 9780808059356
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