Federal Tax Practitioner's Guide (2023)

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A complete easy-to-understand federal tax law resource.

Federal Tax Practitioner's Guide (formerly Federal Tax Course: A Guide for the Tax Practitioner) offers the knowledge and know-how needed to deal effectively with all current developments in federal tax. This easy-to-use guide is written by Susan Flax Posner, one of today's most effective communicators on the tax law. The Guide presents a complete picture of the federal tax law for today's busy practitioners with clear and easy-to-understand explanations fully supported by the most recent primary source citations including IRS rulings and guidance. It discusses hundreds of tax strategies and uses authentic examples to illustrate application of tax principles.

This comprehensive manual provides more than 2,300 pages of completely updated material, which makes it an essential and necessary reference for thousands of tax return preparers, business planners, legal advisors or business owners. The Guide is the tax reference of choice for so many practitioners because it covers taxes in a uniquely approachable and understandable way and it helps readers avoid costly tax traps and keep tax bills at their rock-bottom minimum. Simply written and illustrated, yet comprehensive, the Guide provides:

  • Eight chapters on figuring the individual tax that clearly explain all the rules and concepts involved
  • Six chapters on deductions and exemptions that present the details in clear language
  • Five chapters on withholding, AMT and tax accounting that cut through the complexity for better understanding
  • Six chapters on taxation of corporations, S corporations, partnerships, and estates and trusts that plainly explain the rules
  • Five chapters on returns, payments, foreign income and estate and gift that crystallize the issues

The new 2023 Edition reflects all recent legislation up to the print date of November, 2022, as well as recent regulations, rulings and case law that impact the many topics covered.

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ISBN 9780808057659
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Susan Flax Posner
Susan Flax Posner received her LL.M. in taxation from The George Washington University National Law Center in 1983. She served as a law clerk to Judge Irene F. Scott, U.S. Tax Court from 1984-1986. Ms. Posner currently writes a monthly newsletter for CCH entitled "The Federal Tax Course Letter." She is also the author the Estate & Gift Tax Handbook and the Taxation of Investments Handbook, both published by CCH. She is a graduate of McGill University (1976) and University of Baltimore Law School (1981). She has practiced law in Washington, DC and in Baltimore, Maryland.