CCH® State Tax SmartCharts

Format: Software Add-on
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CCH AnswerConnect is designed to arm tax professionals with quick answers from trusted sources. See the state tax landscape with our industry-leading CCH® SmartCharts, giving you comprehensive coverage of state tax treatment for all major tax types.

Instantly create charts that provide a snapshot of tax treatment across all states, and easily monitor state tax changes. CCH State Tax SmartCharts are the perfect starting point for tax research for all tax professionals, and businesses that operate in multiple states.

You will gain:​

  • Ability to instantly create quick-reference charts showing state tax treatment across all U.S. jurisdictions​
  • Access to reliable, on-point content for critical state tax issues for all major tax types ​
  • Links to official sources​
  • Ability to highlight changes for a time range​
  • Ability to save, download or print the charts​

Wolters Kluwer is the longest-standing tax research provider in the industry, with CCH content back to 1913. CCH AnswerConnect features critical tax information to support your research, delivered in an easy-to-use format. Find the plain-English answers you need on the latest tax topics.

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