Hot Tech Tools and Services for Financial Professionals – Live Webinar July 24, 2024
Technology is changing at an incredible pace and new apps, services, and tools constantly emerge.

These tools can have an incredible impact on our business and personal lives. This course identifies the latest and best tools, apps, and services out there and why you should consider utilizing them. It’s a great hits list of the best tools which can help improve your efficiency and effectiveness. It will discuss desktop applications, mobile apps, cloud services, and more. It will give the attendee a good understanding of the best technology currently available. 

The main topics of this course include the best useful products for business, communication and collaboration tools, major business productivity platforms, tools for automation, plugins for your Internet browser, today’s best mobile apps, and more. With this course you will receive a bundle of new technology ideas to consider implementing.



  • Large Language Model (LLM) & Generative AI
  • Calendar and Schedule Tools
  • Payment and Financial Tools
  • Business Services & Tools



  • Identify which emerging technologies will impact you in the coming year and learn how to incorporate the new developments into your existing workflows
  • Recognize how to implement fantastic new apps, web-based resources, and services to gain efficiency in your personal life and meet organizational needs better
  • Recognize how to keep your Internet browsing experience secure, anonymous, and ad-free using tools such as UBlock Origin, PiHole, and more
  • Identify new opportunities for communication and collaboration with your colleagues, staff, clients, and vendors using applications like Teams and Slack
  • Recognize how to exchange confidential and sensitive information with others, both inside and outside your organization
  • Identify new opportunities for communication and collaboration with your colleagues, staff, clients, and vendors.



You will require an Internet connection and a phone/voice connection at the same time. Most attendees use their computer for the audio. Participants are able to submit questions and comments during the session via a Q&A text panel. Terms, conditions, pricing and services subject to change.



Practitioners who regularly use a computer or mobile device and are familiar with the basic functions. This course is designed to help you get up-to-date with current trends and practices.



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  • 12 months to review the webinar recording
  • Print version of the presentation slides
  • PD Certificate for 2 hours 


This webinar is being presented by: Stephen M. Yoss 

Stephen M. Yoss, Jr., CPA, MS, is a certified public accountant, the senior technology strategist and partner of Devmatics, a continuing education instructor for financial professionals, and a licensed pyrotechnician. While his interests and skills are varied, they all share a common thread—his love for and skill in finding technology-based solutions.

Whether it’s teaching in the classroom, consulting clients in a boardroom, or shooting a fireworks display, Steve brings passion, hard work, value—and above all else—technological expertise to each of his clients. With an open, honest approach, he creates a unique strategy for each client specifically designed to benefit their needs and streamline their operations in order to create efficiency and maximize their financial potential.