Effective Writing for CPAs and Finance Professionals – Live Webinar Nov 29, 2023
In a technical environment, miscommunications are a regular occurrence. As a CPA or finance professional, writing effectively is challenging because each one of your readers has a different level of background knowledge.

In a technical environment, miscommunications are a regular occurrence.

As a CPA or finance professional, writing effectively is challenging because each one of your readers has a different level of background knowledge. In a single day, you may communicate with fellow experts, co-workers in other roles, and members of the public. Given their varying levels of comprehension, this session will show you how to visualize your own writing from their many different perspectives.

During this engaging webinar, we will review examples of business writing that reveal critical lessons. By the end of the webinar, you will be able to compose emails and documentation that make a positive impression on your clients and co-workers.

This session will be led by Ryan Standil, who is the owner of Write To Excite. Ryan has been featured in The Globe and Mail discussing the benefits of effective writing. You can see one of his articles here: https://www.writetoexcite.com/globeandmail

This session will cover two main topics: Clarity in Written Communications & Email Dos and Don’ts.


  1. Clarity in Written Communications will address the following subtopics:
  • Avoiding ambiguity when explaining technical concepts
  • Knowing when to repeat a term versus when to use a synonym
  • Determining when to use (and when to avoid) the word “and”
  • Identifying misplaced modifiers and ambiguous references
  • Drafting emails and documents that are easy to read – even for laypeople.
  1. Email Dos and Don’ts will address the following subtopics:
  • Email length
  • Response time
  • Subject lines
  • Tone
  • Formality
  • Copying
  • Greetings

(And any similar themes requested by the audience)



  • You will be able to clearly explain technical concepts
  • Your readers will respond to your communications faster and will be more likely to agree with your suggestions
  • By eliminating miscommunications, you will save several hours a month for both you and your team members



You will require an Internet connection and a phone/voice connection at the same time. Most attendees use their computer for the audio. Participants are able to submit questions and comments during the session via a Q&A text panel. Terms, conditions, pricing and services subject to change.



This webinar is intended for CPAs and finance professionals who communicate about technical matters in a written format. The session will provide participants with step-by-step instructions for drafting professional emails and documentation.



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  • 12 months to review the webinar recording
  • Print version of the presentation slides
  • PD Certificate for 2 hours


This webinar is being presented by:

Ryan Standil, JD, who is the owner of Write To Excite.

Ryan Standil leads workshops about effective writing across North America. His workshops are held at professional associations and individual offices.

During Ryan’s sessions, participants learn how to view their own writing from the perspective of their readers. Organizations integrate Ryan’s training into their onboarding programs and their professional development.

Ryan attended Western University, where he graduated from the Ivey Business School and the Faculty of Law. After graduating, Ryan joined a law firm in Toronto.

Today, Ryan owns and operates a speaking business, called Write To Excite. His presentations are filled with practical advice that can be implemented right away.