CCH iFirm Taxprep Essentials - T1 & T2

Format: Software
Product ID: 000000000010096355|000000000010096356
Get access to CCH iFirm Taxprep Essentials's personal and corporate tax preparation software.

As low as $1,601.00

With T1 and T2, you get access to:

  • Advanced optimizations that deliver the best possible returns for your clients
  • Prior year files with one click
  • Review tools that speed up side-by-side comparisons and visibility of unresolved diagnostics
  • Return Manager – streamlines workflow and clearly indicates job status
  • CRA Autofill My Return – reduces data entry, avoids missing slips
  • Automatic T1-ADJ – calculates overall impact of changes made to a return after filing
  • Summaries that provide preparers and reviewers with a concise overview of returns
  • Paperless review and archiving – generate any form or return as a bookmarked PDF
  • The most comprehensive set of federal and provincial corporate tax forms available
  • Transfer more than 750 items from the General Index of Financial Information (GIFI) into 25 different forms
  • 3000+ easy-to-access diagnostics to help avoid costly filing errors

This tax preparation solution does not include T1/TP1 for Quebec.

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Product Type CCH iFirm
Format Software