CCH AnswerConnect Wealth Management Guide

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The Canadian Wealth Management Guide provides practical strategies and tactics that maximize clients’ wealth while minimizing their tax exposure. The guide is curated by the experts at Wolters Kluwer who have many decades of combined experience. They write in everyday language so you can send information directly to your clients or incorporate it into your correspondence.

The Canadian Wealth Management Guide provides advice on generating and maximizing wealth for individuals and their families, written in a non-technical manner with practical rather than theoretical language:

Topics covered include:

  • RRSP and RRIF tax planning strategies
  • “First-Time” Home Buyers’ Plan and First Home Savings Accounts 
  • Income splitting (including the tax on split income) 
  • Education planning (including RESPs) 
  • Tax-Free Savings Accounts 
  • Family tax planning 
  • Year-end tax planning 
  • Marriage, separation and divorce


  • Analysis on techniques and strategies surrounding wealth management
  • Wealth Management Times Newsletter
  • Related CRA government documents to Income Tax Folios, Information Circulars and Interpretation Bulletins


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