CCH® AnswerConnect - GST Lite

Format: Software
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GST Lite includes topic-based commentary perfect for practitioners looking for general coverage of GST/HST issues. 

Information is presented in Topical and legislative views that provide access to relevant documents in a single click. CCH AnswerConnect also includes a state-of-the-art search engine that supports advanced search queries for complex, in-depth research.
Stay on top of the latest developments with the monthly GST Monitor Newsletter and daily alert emails. You won’t miss out on a single new case, technical interpretation or CRA publication.
With CCH AnswerConnect’s unique 360° view, you get access to the Excise Tax Act and related documents including legislation, government documents, technical news, forms, and guides in one location. Relevant publications from the Department of Finance and other government bodies are included.
For additional content, please contact your CCH sales representative for details on the comprehensive offerings available on CCH AnswerConnect.
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