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A Practical Guide to the GST/HST is a hands-on reference with helpful tips, real-life examples, and expert guidance to solve common areas of difficulty.

A Practical Guide to the GST/HST is a hands-on reference with helpful tips, real-life examples, and expert guidance to solve common areas of difficulty.

The 8th edition of A Practical Guide to the GST/HST has been updated to illustrate the current state of the GST/HST in Canada, including the numerous rate changes that occurred since the last edition as well as new exemptions and changes to the tax base. This edition also includes an outline of the Quebec Sales Tax ("QST"), including its relationship with GST/HST and related concerns for taxpayers carrying on business from or within Quebec.

Recognizing that the GST/HST regime now authorizes varying rates, exemptions, and rebates on a province-specific basis, the book is structured to highlight these provincial differences to facilitate compliance across jurisdictions. Common issues that arise out of topics such as assessments and objections procedures, exempt vs zero-rated supplies, and input tax credits are addressed with easy-to-follow explanations and practical examples.

The book also reflects the consequences of the latest jurisprudential trends impacting sales tax application and compliance. Designed for non-commodity tax specialists and corporate tax specialists, this reference guide is an invaluable tool for all who must comply with this increasingly complicated framework.

Key topics include:

  • Advantages, disadvantages and requirements of GST/HST registration
  • The obligations of a GST/HST registrant, including documentary requirements for input tax credits
  • Special GST/HST collection rules and alternate simplified tax remittance methods
  • Administrative relief, including the cancellation or waiver of interest, and remission orders
  • Objection and appeal procedures
  • Imports and exports
  • "Place of supply" rules (with accompanying reference charts)
  • Zero-rated and exempt supplies
  • Application of GST/HST to employee benefits

New in this edition:

  • National impact of new HST rates in New Brunswick, Prince Edwards Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador (including up-to-date "Quick Method" rates for easier compliance by small businesses.
  • Update on New Housing Rebates application.
  • Updated ratios, prescribed rates, and prescribed factors to facilitate compliance with increasingly complex rules consequential to increase in rates and progressing elimination of temporary input-tax credit recapture rules
  • Revised material and references reflecting the most recent legislative updates and administrative materials provided by the Department of Finance, the Canada Revenue Agency, and provincial authorities
  • More practical examples to ensure easy compliance in this complicated framework
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Contributors Jacques Roberge, Jennifer Corris, Peter Tomlinson
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Jacques Roberge

Jacques Roberge has more than 30 years of experience in commodity tax. He initially worked for Revenue Canada, and was later employed by three of the Big Four accounting firms to develop commodity tax consulting services. During that time, as well as being an independent consultant, he also assisted hundreds of tax- payers in the resolution of FST, GST/HST, QST, and provincial retail sales taxes issues. Jacques has been a frequent attendee and speaker at the CPA Sales Tax Symposium and The Tax Executive Institute. He’s been a member and past president of the Montreal Study Group of Sales Tax Specialists, and a member of various advisory groups to the Quebec Finance and Revenue Departments. Currently, Jacques is a Commodity Tax Analyst at Wolters Kluwer and is responsible for the GST/HST Reporter and the provincial sales tax content of the provincial tax reporters.

Jennifer Corris

Jennifer Corris is a Research Analyst at Wolters Kluwer and contributes to many products, including Preparing Your Income Tax Returns®, Preparing Your Corporate Tax Returns®, and the Canadian Master Tax Guide. Prior to this, she was the editor responsible for the Canada Income Tax Guide and GST/HST Reporter. She has an Honours Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Water- loo and several years’ experience in corporate accounting.

Peter Tomlinson

Peter Tomlinson is a lawyer in Toronto. After graduating from Osgoode Hall, Peter articled at a top Bay Street law firm. He owned and operated a busy law practice for 10 years prior to joining Wolters Kluwer as a Senior Editor. During his time at Wolters Kluwer, Peter has contributed to the annual releases Preparing Your Income Tax Returns® and Preparing Your Corporate Tax Returns®, the monthly Provincial Tax Newsletter, and has written commodity and related tax commentaries for the provincial tax reporters. Peter is currently responsible for the British Columbia Tax Reporter and the Alberta and Territories Tax Reporter, and he continues to write and edit a variety of tax-related material published by the Tax & Accounting group at Wolters Kluwer.